It is important to label all samples taken as part of a sampling program. Sheets of uniquely numbered labels can be generated form this program as a pdf file for printing on adhesive label sheet with a laser printer.

The labelling part of this program generates labels which list the owner and organisation and unique identifying number in text and barcode format.

The text fields (properties of Notebooks) are:

  • Name: This is a very brief name identifying the user.
  • Organization: This is an optional field and might be listed as your School, University, Company or business.

The barcodes store some or all of the above fields as well as a uniquely generated internal ID (a UUID) for the label and the label number as well as a unique ID for the notebook in which the label was created.

Note: Individual notebooks each have their own independent label ranges.

In this manner is it possible to have multiple labels with the same label number, but different unique IDs. This makes sharing data with other users more manageable, without having conflicts with label numbers.

We do not currently support reuse of label numbers within a single notebook.