Field Entries

Field entries are locations within Tempus Locum. They are the primary means for entering field samples. Each sample in a field entry is assumed to have been collected at that location.

It is also possible to enter a brief description, make notes, make an audio recording and to take photographs, all of which will be linked to the field entry.

The button in the top right of the location block:


Location details bitton, highlighted


displays a menu of options specific to the location; it can be used to refresh (or initially set) the location details for this field entry if the GPS on your device is active. It can also be used to change the grid system and activate a pointer to that location on the compass.


The shape of the pointer will vary based on the distance to the location and the combined accuracy of your current location and the field entry location, and represents the probable direction to the location:






On top of



Once a location has been stored, the action bar item on the top right can be used to see the location in Google Maps.

Clicking on most items will show more details of allow direct editing.